Premier Maritime Training Center

Quality Maritime Training (QMT) was established in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2005 to fill a very specific void in the maritime industry.  Since opening, we’ve become the premier provider of professional maritime training in central and north Florida.

QMT offers a comprehensive variety of U.S. Coast Guard approved and STCW training courses and programs. We provide our students with the highest-quality education available through guidance, hands-on learning environments, and instructor accessibility; everything needed to become skilled, proficient and safe mariners.  From STCW Basic Safety Training to Bridge Resource Management, or Master/Mate 500/1600 Tons to Third Mate Any Gross Tons, our courses are specifically designed to equip every student with an intimate knowledge of materials – backed by the years of training and experience of our instructors.

Our Mission is to challenge students, while guiding them through our programs, to achieve higher levels of knowledge, understanding and proficiency. Our team-oriented approach features a network of professional mariners and competent instructors, cooperating to teach and demonstrate the necessary skills required to become competent and safe mariners on an interactive platform.

Whether completing certifications for STCW OICNW modules or Captain’s License, your experience at QMT will empower you with a solid foundation of knowledge, allowing endless opportunity for career advancement, personal growth, and professional confidence.