ABYC and Subchapter – M, this exciting connection allows for an integrated and comprehensive collaboration on the exciting and massive new regulations coming to the towing industry. Quality Maritime Training has secured an exclusive contract with ABYC to instruct their 3 day classes combined with our 2 day instruction on the regulatory impact of ABYC and Subchapter “M” of the Code of Federal Regulations. This integrated 5 day class will provide the RECOGNIZED ABYC CERTIFICATE in the particular subject chosen and a certificate from Quality Maritime Training recognizing your training to the Sub-M applications.

As an approved Third Party Organization, Quality Maritime Training is well positioned to train on the Sub – M subject. Recognition as a United States Coast Guard approved TPO validates our abilities on this subject, and ABYC agrees that there is a growing need in the commercial environment for training to ABYC standards in a variety of subjects. As an Auditor or Surveyor this information is invaluable, and recognition from ABYC of your successful completion of their testing process is evidence of that. We have chosen 4 areas important to the Auditor or Surveyor.

  • Marine Corrosion Certification
  • Diesel Engine Certification
  • Marine Electrical Certification
  • Marine Systems Certification

Please feel free to click on the link below to review the ABYC website for a more comprehensive explanation of these classes.


Registration is handled at QMT so please contact us for a reservation at


QMT Staff