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QUALMI-18: Advanced Meteorology  STCW Code 2011 Edition Approved!


Course Description:

This course of instruction designed to familiarize and assist the trainee in becoming proficient to use and interpret weather systems, weather fronts and synoptic chart data to form forecasts for weather and oceanographic conditions and to be able to apply the available meteorological information to facilitate in maintaining the safe navigation of vessels of 500 or more gross tonnage (ITC).  Completion of this training will satisfy the advanced meteorology (management level) training requirements to forecast weather and oceanographic conditions as specified in Table A-II/2 of the STCW Code, as amended, for certification as Chief Mate or Master on vessels of 500 or more gross tonnage (ITC).

Entry Standard – This course provides training to mariners seeking a certification as Chief Mate or Master (Management Level) on vessels of 500 or more gross tonnage (ITC). Candidates should have a valid STCW-95 certification as an Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch or have evidence of successful completion of a Meteorology (Operational Level) course.  This training program places a heavy emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge of topics including:

  • Weather Systems; Synoptic Charts; Weather Forecasting; Tropical Revolving Storms (TRS) and Avoidance Tactics; Ocean Current Systems; Ice Navigation; Meteorological Tide and Currents; and Routing Systems & Software

Examination and assessment:    One written examination consisting of 30 multiple choice questions and navigation problems is administered at the end of the course that requires a minimum passing score of 70%.

The practical assessments in this course are accepted as the equivalent of the following assessments from the National Assessment Guidelines for Table A-II/2 of the STCW Code: M-6-1A; M-6-2A, M-6-3A, M-6-3B and M-6-3C.

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