Auxiliary Sail Endorsement $145.00


QUALMI-45: Auxiliary Sail Endorsement 


Course Description:

This course provides classroom training in basic sailing terminology, techniques and safety to meet the training requirements for issuance of an Auxiliary Sail endorsement to a U.S. Coast Guard License. The course satisfies the requirements of 46 CFR 11.301 – 303 and the examination requirements of 46 CFR 10.205(i) for an Auxiliary Sail endorsement to any deck license. The course covers the following topics:

  • Sailing Terminology;
  •  Changing character of the wind;
  • Points of sailing;
  •  Tacking and jibing;
  •  Sailboat hulls;
  •  Rigging;
  •  Sail plans;
  •  Sailing Vessel Navigation;
  •  Leeway and current;
  •  Sailing to windward;
  • Planning a safe passage;
  •  Rules of the Road Pertaining to Sailing Vessels.

Examination: The student will be administered a 20 question multiple choice examination with a minimum score of 70% required.

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