Designated Duty Engineer 1000/4000 HP (Certificate / No test at USCG) $3,995.00


Each student who successfully completes this course will have achieved the functional knowledge, understanding and skills in the following subject areas that are presented in this course of instruction:

1.0 Marine Engineering, General Knowledge and Functions

2.0 Electricity, Electronics and Control Systems

3.0 Machinery, Systems and Auxiliary Machinery/Equipment

4.0 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

5.0 Steam Generators and Auxiliary Steam Turbines

6.0 Motor Propulsion, Diesels

7.0 Diesel Propulsion Plants and Machinery Operating Procedures

8.0 Marine Engineering Safety

Successful completion of this course and presenting our certificate of training the the U.S. Coast Guard within one year from the completion date of the training, will satisfy the professional examination requirements of 46 CFR 11.903(a)(34) for a national officer endorsement as Designated Duty of Engineer (DDE) of less than 4,000 Horsepower, Motor. This course is open to the candidate who has met or will meet the requirements of 46 CFR 11.524(b)(2) for a national endorsement as Designated Duty Engineer (DDE) of less than 4,000 Horse Power.

Examination and Assessment:

In order to successfully complete this course, each candidate must obtain a grade percentage of not less than the percentage indicated in the following on all examinations and successfully complete each practical lab period, practice exercise and homework assignment.

Examination:                                                                                          Number of questions:               Passing Score:

1. Motor Plants                                                                                                      50                                             70%

2. Engineering Safety & Environmental Protection                                       50                                             70%

3. General Subjects                                                                                              50                                              70%

4. Electrical, Electronic & Control Engineering                                             50                                               70%

All lab assignments, homework assignments, exercises, and tests must be completed and returned to the instructor for credit. A course completion certificate will not be issued if the course requirements are not completed in full.

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