License Renewal Refresher (OUPV Up To Master 100 GRT) $275.00


QUALMI-242: License Renewal Refresher (OUPV Up To Master 100 GRT)


Course Description:

This course is designed to reacquaint the experienced mariner renewing their OUPV and up to Master 100 GRT licenses with topics that they were examined on in obtaining their original deck license. To renew your OUPV and up to Master 100 GRT licenses you must be able to show 360 days (one year) of service during the past five years. The service must be verified by submitting either proof of vessel ownership, a letter from vessel owner, or company verifying service. Many license holders often find themselves nearing renewal but for whatever reasons do not have the qualifying one year of service. The Coast Guard does allow the licensee to take and pass a comprehensive open-book exercise in lieu of showing the qualifying service. The open-book exercise is mailed out by the Coast Guard to the individual, and they must take the open-book exercise and mail it back to the Coast Guard. The problem many have with taking the open-book exercise renewal route is that they do not possess or have access to the myriad of publications and reference materials necessary to check their answers or to pass the open-book exercise. An alternative at renewal to the service or open-book exercise requirements, is to take and pass a Coast Guard approved License Renewal Refresher training course.

Topics Reviewed:

  •  Navigation Rules of the Road
  •  Coastal-Piloting Navigation
  • Lifesaving
  • Basic Firefighting
  •  Basic Vessel Stability
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Marine Radiotelephone
  • Marine Engine Operations


  • Graded Chart Plotting Exercise 7 problems, must get 6 of the 7 exercise problems correct.
  • Rules of the Road 10 questions 90%
  • General Safety 25 questions must get 22 of the 25 questions correct 88%.
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