QUALMI-788: Management of Medical Care

For Chief Mate/Master

This course satisfies the Management of Medical Care training requirements for raise of grade to Chief Mate or Master (management level) on vessels of more than 500GT (ITC); and for Masters of vessels of less than 500GT (management level). Completion of our Management of Medical Care (QUALMI-788) course will satisfy:

a) Management of Medical Care training requirements of Table AII/2 of the STCW code, as ammended 2010; and

b) Management of medical care training requirements of 46 CFR 11.30(a)(3)(ix);11.307(a)(3)(vi); 11;311(a)(3)(vi); and 11.315(a)(3)(ii); and

c) the specific tasks from the National Assessment  Guidelines found in NVIC 10-14 and NVIC 11-14; Tasks 19.1.A and 19.3.A.

The following topics are covered in this course:

Management of Medical Care and meeting this requirement for the following areas:

  • Medical Publications
  • International Medical Guide for Ships;
  • Medical First Aid Guide For Use in Accidents Involving Dangerous Goods;
  • Radio Medical Advice
  • International Code of Signals Publication 102 (Medical Section) For Ships.

Examination: Knowledge assessment, written examination-15 questions. Trainee must respond with (12 correct responses out of 15 questions) to obtain a minimum score of 80 percent.

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