Basic Training Refresher (STCW) (Formerly, Basic Safety Training) $595.00


QUALMI-68: Basic Safety Training Refresher STCW Code 2011 Edition Approved!


Course Description:

Any applicant who successfully completes this 24-hour (3-day) Basic Safety Training Refresher course will be considered to have demonstrated continued proficiency in Basic Safety Training, PROVIDED that they have been previously issued an STCW 95 certificate.

Who needs to take this course?  Mariners that were issued an STCW endorsement for Section VI/1 of the STCW Code and are renewing their merchant mariner credential (MMC) but DO NOT have one year of sea service in the past 5 years or; have the Near Coastal or Ocean route on their credential but all service is on the Great Lakes or Inland waters.

This course covers the learning and practical objectives for a mariner to demonstrate continued knowledge understanding and proficiency of the minimum competencies for Basic Safety Training as specified in Tables A-VI/1-1, A-VI/1-2, A-VI/1-3 and A-VI/1-4 of the STCW Code, as amended.

  • Personal Survival Techniques – survive at sea in the event of ship abandonment.
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities – comply with emergency procedures; take precautions to prevent pollution of the marine environment; observe safe working practices; understand orders and be understood in relation to shipboard duties and; contribute to effective human relations on board ship.
  • Elementary First Aid & CPR – take immediate action upon encountering an accident or other medical emergency.
  •  Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting – minimize the risk of fire and maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency situations involving fire and; fight and extinguish fires.

Knowledge Assessment: Written examination consisting of 40 multiple choice questions will be administered at the end of the course that requires a minimum passing score of 28 correct responses out of 40 questions. Practical Assessment: Candidates must be able to successfully perform the practical assessments in accordance with the proficiency assessment criteria for Personal Survival Techniques; Elementary First Aid & CPR; and Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting.

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