Magnetic & Gyro Compasses (OICNW) (STCW)


QUALMI-262: Magnetic & Gyro Compasses OICNW STCW Code 2011 Edition Approved!

Course Length: 20 HOURS (2.5 DAYS)

Course Description:

This course of instruction is designed to familiarize and assist the trainee in becoming proficient in the use of magnetic and gyro compasses to facilitate in maintaining a safe navigational watch on vessels of 500 or more gross tonnage (ITC). Completion of this training will satisfy the Compass – Magnetic and Gyro training requirements as specified in Table A-II/1 of the STCW Code, as amended, for certification as Officer In Charge of a Navigational Watch on vessels of 500 or more gross tonnage (ITC). This training program places a heavy emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge of topics including:

  • Magnetism of the earth; Application of Variation and Deviation; Principles of Magnetic compasses; General gyro compass theory; Operating procedures and errors; Gyro compasses; and Automatic Pilots.

Examination: Assessment of knowledge and understanding will be determined by written examination. The written examination will contain a total of 30 questions of which 21 questions must be responded to correctly to achieve the minimum passing score of 70%. The included practical assessments in this course which will be accepted as the equivalent of the following assessment “Control Sheets: from the National Assessment Guidelines for Table A-II/1 of the STCW Code: OICNW-1-5A, OICNW-1-5B, OCINW-1-5C, OICNW-1-5D and OICNW-1-5E. Applicants who have successfully completed this course need not present completed “Control Sheets” for these assessments in application for STCW certification.

There is one additional Magnetic & Gyro Compass “Control Sheet” assessments that cannot be accepted as equivalent by the Coast Guard from an approved course. The National Assessment Guidelines for Table A-II/1 call for this assessment to be completed onboard a ship underway. We strongly recommend that the additional “Control Sheet be signed off either before or after attending our course but in all cases before submitting your OICNW application to the Coast Guard. Control Sheet OICNW-1-5F.

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