Search & Rescue (SAR) (STCW) $445.00


QUALMI-445: Search & Rescue (SAR) STCW Code 2011 Edition Approved!

(Approved For Operational And Management Levels)

Course Length: 16 HOURS (2 DAYS)

Course Description:

This course of instruction is designed to familiarize and assist the trainee in the procedures to be followed and the knowledge of the contents of the International Aeronautical and Maritime Ship Search and Rescue Manual (IAMSAR) and all procedures necessary to respond to a distress signal at sea to facilitate in maintaining a safe navigational watch as an OICNW, Chief Mate or Master of vessels from Any Gross Tons down to vessels of less than 200GRT/500GT (ITC).

Successful completion of this course satisfies the Search and Rescue training requirements of 46 CFR 11.305 and 11.307 for Masters and Chief Mates of vessels 3,000 Gross Tons or more; and 46 CFR 11.309 for Officer in Charge of the Navigational Watch of vessels of 500 Gross Tons or more; and 46 CFR 11.311 and 11.313 for Masters and Chief Mates of vessels greater than 500 Gross Tons and less than 3,000 Gross Tons; and 46 CFR 11.315 for Masters of vessels less than 500 Gross Tons; AND the Search and Rescue competency requirements of Sections A-II/1, A-II/2 and A-III/3 of the STCW Code, as amended 2010. The following practical assessments (Tasks) performed during this course have been determined to be equivalent of National Assessment Guidelines Task’s as documented in NVIC 10-14: 4.1.A and 4.1.B; NVIC 11-14: 4.1.A and 4.1.B; NVIC 12-14: 6.1.A; NVIC 13.14: 4.1.A.

This training program places a heavy emphasis on the practical knowledge of topics including:

  • Administration and International Provisions; Search and Rescue communications; Search and Rescue operating procedures; Search and Rescue resources; Navigation Search Areas; Search Patterns; and Coordinate Search & Rescue operations

Examination: Assessment of knowledge and understanding will be determined by written examination. The written examination will contain a total of 20 questions of which 14 questions must be responded to correctly to achieve the minimum passing score of 70%.

Practical Assessment:  Coordinate Search & Rescue Operations – As part of a navigation laboratory period, when given a scenario of a vessel in distress with the distress information. Coordinate a Search & Rescue Operation using the procedures outlined in the International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (IAMSAR) Manual.

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