Visual Communications (Flashing Light) (STCW) $195.00


QUALMI-542: Visual Communications (Flashing Light) STCW Code 2011 Edition Approved!


Course Description:

Completion of this training satisfies:

  1. the practical signaling examination requirements (Flashing Light) of 46 CFR 11.401(h) -AND-
  2. have successfully demonstrated the equivalent of assessment OICNW-4-1A from the National Assessment Guidelines for Table A-II/1 of the STCW Code, as amended.

The course is designed to be a training experience which is a combination of instruction and practical guidance in learning Morse code. This training program places an emphasis on practical training regarding the following:

  • Learning to correctly identify Morse code symbols for letters and numerals;
  • Gaining the required proficiency in reading and sending Morse code by visual signaling at a level of 4 words per minute; and
  • Demonstrating knowledge of and proficiency in the use of Pub. No. 102 International Code of Signals.

Note: Candidates should plan on 1 to 2 days to complete this training and the assessment portion. The length beyond 1-day is gauged on how quickly proficiency is gained to achieve the ability to accurately read and record Morse Code by flashing light at a rate of 4 words per minute.

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